The challenges and stressors we face each day can be overwhelming and affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically.  When we are weighed down by our obstacles and emotions, we may feel unbalanced and lose sight of who we are. I view therapy as an opportunity to become more self-aware and to make meaning of present life challenges in order to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

As a counselor, art therapist, and yoga teacher, I offer an integrative approach to therapy that encourages clients to express themselves both verbally as well as non-verbally through art and yoga/movement. Art therapy can provide an alternative and empowering form of self-expression when it is difficult to communicate with words alone.  The focus of art therapy is not on the finished product, but on the creative process and how your artwork may speak to the challenges you are currently facing in your life.  No prior art experience or skills are necessary - just an openness to explore yourself in a new light!  By integrating art and mindfulness into therapy, it is my intention to support you in being present and in forming a deeper connection with yourself that is rooted in self-acceptance and resiliency. I will meet you with compassion and non-judgment, and together we will explore techniques to restore a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit.

My clinical experience includes working with individuals across the lifespan in a variety of mental health settings including schools, hospitals, shelters, outpatient, and community-based settings.  I specialize in supporting individuals who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief and loss, ADHD, and life transitions. I attended Carnegie Mellon University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Arts in 2011.  I went on to receive my Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from The George Washington University in 2014 and have since earned my credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board-Certified Art Therapist. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher credentialed through Yoga Alliance and teach locally in the Pittsburgh community.