Moira Ryan, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor


You’re likely here because your life isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. You’re struggling with relationships, or finding yourself reliving old patterns that are causing you pain.  You’re sick of feeling so isolated, depressed, disconnected, and frustrated when everyone else on Instagram seems so much happier and more successful. Maybe you’ve been trying to solve these problems on your own for a long time, yet still feeling stuck in the same old rut. 

There are times in life when we need someone to really hear what’s going on, without bias or judgment. My focus is around helping you with examining your process toward making the changes you want for your life. Therapy is an opportunity to slow things down and try to make sense of your experience. My areas of focus are decreasing anxiety and isolation, breaking free of problem compulsions, exploring and embracing transitions, shifting unfulfilling relationship dynamics, challenging depressing thoughts and increasing confidence and joy.