My therapeutic practice includes a blend of traditional and non traditional approaches.  I include components of Yoga, energy work, skill development,  guided imagery and mindfulness as part of my philosophical and therapeutic approach.

I am  a strong  believer in the power of the mind-body connection.  My thinking is that self-awareness is fundamental for personal growth and well being. Life circumstances can often stunt our growth interfering with the ability to connect with ourselves.

Self awareness is a key component of the therapeutic process.   Having a greater awareness of our bodies, thoughts and perceptions, moods, and actions is fundamental as it helps to shape and color our experiences of the world. Finding the strength  and trust to explore our inner selves is not always easy. When we gain the courage to focus inward we can become more agile in our ability to recognize those things that create distress and imbalance in our lives. We are more able to learn or unlearn the skills that we need to better master life’s challenges.  In the co-creative process of therapy, self-exploration is done in a safe, fully supported fashion.  Therapy allows for and creates the space for greater compassion for ourselves as well as others. It becomes the fertile ground for the seeds of healing and wellness to take root and flourish.