I have been practicing and growing as a therapist for over 14 years. As a Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist, Licensed and National Professional Counselor, and Registered Yoga Teacher, my approach is both creative and integrative towards intervention and wellness. Weaving my theoretical framework of Humanistic theory with DMT (Dance Movement Therapy), I engage clients on processing their feelings, relationships, and stored emotions on both nonverbal and verbal levels.  Dance Movement therapy is unique in using movement and nonverbal body language for assessment and intervention to create change. Sessions may include mindfulness techniques, breath and body awareness, movement exploration, and creative expression to address the disconnect of a client’s body, mind and spirit often created during imbalance and illness for greater healing and quality of life.

I am incredibly passionate with the opportunity to assist clients in reconnecting or reestablishing positive relationships to their bodies and their boundaries, thereby themselves and others.  My character and techniques as a therapist further includes empowerment approaches, creativity, empathy and humor.

During my career, I have worked clinically with ages birth through elderly in hospitals, schools, group homes, early intervention, wellness/prevention and private practice. My experiences include working with individuals struggling with Depression, Anxiety and Panic, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Chronic Pain and Illness.  In addition to my clinical work, I teach at Seton Hill University on the exploration of creativity in the therapeutic process and often lectures on body mind integration and the creative arts therapies, as well as, teach yoga, both here at the Village and in the community.