Please note: If you are new to the Center, you’ll need to complete a one-time intake assessment prior to your first group session.  (Intake assessments are not needed for our Community Classes or Workshops.) Please use our contact form to inquire about our groups.  We accept some (but not all) insurances for groups services.

Therapy Groups (requires Intake Session)

Yoga to Engage & Stabilize (West End)
Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Group Facilitator:  Dawn Penney, LPC, DMT, RYT
Yoga is the union of the mind and body through the practice of postures, breath work and mindful attention.  This group combines these aspects, along with opportunity for reframing of thoughts, exploring the connection between movement and how we operate in the world and specific tools and postures to help cope with stress, anxiety and mood changes.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.  Modifications are given and mats provided. 

Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation (West End)
Mondays, 7:45 – 8:45 pm
Group Facilitator:  Dawn Penney, LPC, DMT, RYT
   Mindfulness is the practice of sustaining attention on body, breath, or sensations in the moment.  Practicing mindful attention can help us build emotional resiliency, clarify our focus, and deepen our relationships.  Giving ourselves carved out time in our week to build and nurture our mindful attention and relaxation practice can help you live in the moment without self judgment or confines of past regret or future worry.  Take home tools and occasional worksheets are given.

The Power of Intention:  Living a Grounded Experience (West End)
Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Co-facilitated by Kristy Weidner, LCSW and Bhavna Mehta, AHC & Yoga Instructor
   Far too often, many of us are trapped and overwhelmed in a fast paced, technology based world, never having the opportunity to truly practice and enjoy the benefits of being grounded in our experiences.  This therapeutic yoga group is designed to combine the sciences of psychology, yoga, and Ayurveda to help explore the three basic tendencies that keep us trapped in continued suffering or lack of purpose.  These tendencies include rejecting what is perceived as difficult or painful; the tendency to grasp onto something solid for comfort and security; and the tendency to desensitize ourselves so that we don't have to feel the whole problem of pain, loss and sometimes even pleasure. There will be a group discussion, followed by an invigorating yoga practice, as well as meditation.  We will focus on achieving a mind body connection in a way that helps us distinguish between our immediate experience and our mind's interpretation of that experience, resulting in a more grounded and connected life experience.