Therapy is a chance to nurture authenticity of self, and is the utmost form of self-care. It can be a significant time for exploring your unique life experiences and discovering your holistic wellness needs. With supportive therapy, you can become more mindful, self- aware, and positive. Engaging in therapy can improve relationships with yourself, your families, friends, colleagues, and the environment at large. I am committed to providing a supportive, collaborative and peaceful environment that honors your values and goals. I hope to help you explore any struggles or conflicts and increase opportunities for joy and positivity in your life. Together we will discover your power to overcome trials and achieve greater wellness, mind, body and spirit. My therapeutic approach is individualized, solution-focused, and encourages you to discover your inner harmony.

 I am originally from Virginia, where I completed my undergraduate studies in Psychology and Social Work. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2010 and obtained a Master of Social Work degree from University of Pittsburgh in 2012. I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2016. I began my career at Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC, and was able to provide services throughout the entire lifespan, from pregnancy, birth, adulthood, aging and ultimately death. I worked in various settings while at Magee, both inpatient and outpatient maternal-fetal units, inpatient general medical, oncology, ICU and hospice/palliative unit. I was the co-chair/founder of the No One Dies Alone Program at Magee Womens Hospital, and I am happy to report the program continues on at this facility. I transitioned into a new role with the Veteran’s Affairs Healthcare System in Pittsburgh, providing therapeutic and social services uniquely geared toward the Veteran population and their families. I currently serve that community in an outpatient setting.

My practices involve individuals/families from different cultures and unique backgrounds.  I encourage and support the diversity of each individual within the therapeutic experience.  I am an LGBTQ ally. Preferred pronouns she/her/hers.