Souls for Soles

Many of us have more shoes than we know what to do with.  We look through dozens of pairs each day to decide which one we’ll wear.  And those are just the shoes we actually keep in our closets.  It’s estimated that there are over 1 billion unworn pairs of shoes taking up space in our closets and storage bins.  Maybe they are out of style or outgrown.  Either way, if they are in good condition, they would be a priceless treasure to someone in a developing country.  The Village is asking you to help us support another good cause and donate your shoes.

Why are shoes so important?  One in two people lives in extreme poverty in sub-Sahara Africa. And with HIV rates at an epidemic level, many children are left orphaned and shoeless.  It’s estimated that there are over 20 million orphaned children without shoes.  Shoes also offer a measure of health and safety, as being barefoot in these regions can lead to cracks, cuts, and injuries on the feet that are never treated and could end up with a serious infection, parasitic, amputation, or death.  Shoes are also required for children to attend school as part of their uniform.  Without them, they are unable to be a part of the classes.  Currently, 40% of children are unable to attend school because they don't have shoes.  This prevents many adults and children from working, as many jobs require walking long distances.  Therefore, their income is also negatively impacted.

Spring is the time to de-clutter and start anew.  Take some time to go through your closets and clear out your old shoes and fill your soul by donating your shoes so that others have the opportunity to live a better life.  Starting March 1st through May 1st,  both Village locations will be gratefully accepting your shoe donations for adults and children in sub-Sahara Africa.