Energy Medicine with Rita Lampe, MSW, LCSW,


If you’ve never used Reiki or Energy Medicine, it can sound a little intimidating. But one of our own Village therapists, Rita Lampe, is giving us some much needed insight on how beneficial this holistic healing practice can be, as well as how much it has improved her well-being since she started.

1. How did you get started in therapy/reiki/energy healing?

After having chronic pain and hip issues for years, I decided I needed to find a way to start helping myself to heal. I had heard of Reiki and took my first training in 2001. Years later I started reading about Energy Medicine and was very intrigued by Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine, and her own self-healing journey utilizing these techniques. I took an introduction course and was hooked and the next year started the 2 year certification program, which I completed in March 2019. I love Eden Energy Medicine because it combines traditional Chinese Medicine with Therapeutic Touch, working with the body’s own energies helping to balance, restore and renew those energies. Energy Medicine works with the 9 energy systems of the body, in particular the Meridians and the Chakras, to bring about needed shifts to restore the body to a state of homeostasis and harmony. Seeing these shifts in myself and my clients is amazing. I feel honored to be able to bring this healing modality to others.

2. What’s can a client expect when they do a session with you?

After doing a short intake with a client about what their particular concerns are, I then do a brief overview of Energy Medicine, how it works and how I utilize energy muscle testing to assess their body’s energies. With Energy Medicine we are treating the individual and their particular energies and issues. This starts with assessing a person’s energies using energy muscle testing. After gathering this information, I, along with the client, develop a plan for the session. The client is fully clothed during a session. A typical session will start with doing what we call a “Quickie Energy Balancer”, where the person will be on the table and I will be moving and balancing energy with a hands on approach. After this, we will begin a specific protocol based on the initial assessment. This can be working with sedating or strengthening specific meridian pathways, balancing the chakras, working with the neurovascular system by holding specific points on and around the head which help provide deep relaxation and balance emotions, doing a hormone or pre-pregnancy protocol, working with alleviating a specific pain pattern, etc. During this time I am also following the information I am receiving about the person’s energies and using my intuition to address their specific needs.

3. What’s your best holistic health tip that you practice yourself and recommend to clients?

In every session I talk to clients about doing the Daily Energy Routine Exercises, created by Donna Eden. These exercises take only about 5-8 minutes a day and are a great tool for people to keep their own energies balanced daily. I have been practicing this routine for over 2 years now and it helps me feel stronger, healthier and more mentally and emotionally balanced. This is one of the best ways to be your own primary care physician! I feel healthier than I have in decades and I feel more empowered to be in charge of my health.

As a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Rita is very excited to share the experience of energy medicine with you and can be contacted for more information or to schedule a Reiki/Energy Medicine session at (412.455.6890 ext 6) or