Kick off your shoes, relax, and drop in on a cushion to learn first hand about the benefits of meditation for every day life. If you’re curious about how this practice can enhance your life and are seeking guidance along the way, stop in for a visit…see you on the mat! You can also learn more here!

Tuesdays (beginning Sept 24th) - 6:30 to 7:15pm Evening Breath Meditation class, $10 drop in
Fridays (Will resume Dec 6th) - 12:15 to 12:45pm Lunchtime Breath Meditation class, $10 drop in
Sundays (beginning Oct 6th) 6 to 7pm Mindful Yoga class, $10 drop in



(v.) Having internal joy. Injoy is stronger than enjoy. For injoyed is more of joy filling you from inside of yourself. 

inJOY Meditation Studios: Dispelling the myths of meditation

Meditation is NOT

  • a “zen” experience

  • a quick cure-all

  • a way to stop thoughts or clear the mind

  • a mindless formula that gives automatic and predictable results

  • instant enlightenment

  • a difficult task you force upon yourself

  • a religious practice or belonging to any religion, culture or group

  • JUST a relaxation technique

  • denying or “running away” from reality

Meditation is

  • a practice

  • mental fitness for your brain

  • a tool for handling stress in a more productive way

  • training the mind to not be caught up in distractions or over thinking

  • development of self awareness

  • concentration of the mind

  • inner joy and contentment

  • releasing tension

  • observation of self

  • beneficial for work productivity and focus

Drop in, sit with us and experience how being part of a meditation community can bring more JOY to your life.