Celebrate the Village’s 5 Year Anniversary with Yoga in the Park

We are kicking off our 5 year anniversary celebration with Yoga in the West End Park this month in an effort to help raise awareness for mental health initiatives in our community.  If you’re like many people, you may think of yoga as just another exercise trend.  However, there is so much more to yoga than meets the eye! It’s not just a work-out, it’s also a work-in. The positive impacts that yoga can provide are not only physical, but can have far reaching impacts mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  And those benefits can stay with you long after you have rolled up your yoga mat.  

One of those benefits is learning how to be present in the moment.  In yoga, we focus on being present through the class and all the poses, which can be challenging depending on the difficulty of the routine. And the same goes for outside of class.  So many of us are rushing through our daily lives going from one thing to the next, that we forget to focus on the now.  By practicing being present in each yoga class, we can learn to be more engaged off the mat and fully enjoy every experience in our day.  

Another teaching lesson that yoga can provide is balance.  During a yoga class, you learn balance through different poses.  It also requires an effort to continually renew this balance moment after moment to stay centered.  Off the mat, it encourages more life balance. It teaches you to hold on to things that give you peace, joy, and calmness, and to let go of things that do not.  And to keep up this practice as things become misaligned.  

Finally, it teaches us to breathe.  We must learn to breath during different postures and flows during yoga class and to quiet our mind.  But after class, it teaches us to use these breathing techniques to get through tough situations we may encounter each day, enabling us to slow down, relax, and de-stress.

Come experience all the benefits of yoga for yourself at one of our weekly yoga classes or by registering for one of our two Yoga workshops this month.

Don’t forget to come by West End Park on September 11th from 11:00 to 1:00 pm to celebrate with us with some “Yoga in the Park”!