Out with the Old, In with the New

It's been an exciting time at the Village in Shaler over the last few months as long awaited visions of expansion have finally started coming to life.  After realizing that extra space would be beneficial, Victor Barbetti and Kristy Weidner, Co-Owners of the Village, jumped at the opportunity to expand into the 2nd floor of the Shaler location. "Holistic healing and the mind/body connection are the foundation by which our practice was built, " said Kristy Weidner. "The new space will allow us to offer more services that promote better wellness and self-care to the Pittsburgh community, and we are really looking forward to this opportunity."

Since last Spring, the Village has refurbished the entire 2nd floor and has been able to add more therapy offices, a brand new kitchen and eating space, as well as a beautiful new yoga studio.  And final touches are just a few short weeks away.  The Village in Shaler is very excited to be able to offer more client space for their therapists as well as doubling its class options and other holistic services, which will start this fall.  An open house to showcase the new space and our new services will be Friday September 8th.  More information to come!