New Season Comes with a New Schedule

School's almost in session and summer's coming to an end.  It's time to get back to a routine.  At the Village, we've been getting our new space in Shaler ready and anxiously anticipating some exciting events for the fall.  One of the biggest changes to our space is the new, upper level Yoga studio.  We've added some new classes and new times to our upcoming schedule, which will start Monday, September 11th.

In addition to our previous evening meditation class, we have also added a lunchtime meditation class.  In these classes, you will enter into a state of awareness to reduce stress, promote relaxation and experience mental clarity.  Along with that, we've incorporated more yoga and Piyo classes. Our yoga classes offer a chance to use breath work, work on standing poses, and increase flexibility, while our PiYO class uses bodyweight exercises and Pilates techniques with low impact movements. If you're starting to get your fall routine in order, check out our new fall schedule to see what works best for you. We're hopeful that we can meet your needs better with our expanded options this year!