Staff Spotlight - Dr. Nuket Curran, PT

Coming up next month, we are adding a cardio based workout workshop series to our Fall schedule.  Not only is this a new type of workout for the Village, but the instructor is new to us as well.  That's why this month, we are featuring Dr. Nuket Curran, PT in our staff spotlight interview.  Nuket offers both physical therapy and fitness training.  Here's what she had to share with us.


1.  How did you get started in fitness training? What's your inspiration? As a physical therapist for over 20 years, maintaining health is powerful.  Not only does it help someone return from injury but it also improves their mind set by increasing their strength. I found myself in need and sought out fitness training to keep me on track and that is what started it all.

2.  What is your approach to Holistic therapy? Holistic therapy is one that centers on all of the individual’s needs, not just the single one they are coming to you for.  In my role as a physical therapist, developing plans for rehabilitation after injury and fitness programs encompasses the client’s individual set of needs.

3.  What can clients expect when they sign up for a session with you? Focus and attention.  I try to gear the group workouts to match up with everyone in the room. Modification options to decrease impact, range of motion and aerobic effort.  The bottom line is enjoying yourself and as a result, finding yourself committed to getting fit for YOU.

4.  What's your favorite health tip that you practice yourself and that you recommend to clients? Accountability.  Finding someone to commit with you helps so much.  Making your exercise and commitment to your health non-negotiable.  That means doing it even when you don’t feel like it. With my fitness clients, I offer them a check-in system to keep them on track.

If you're interested in checking out Cardio Soul, the upoming cardio based workout workshop series taught by Nuket starting Thursday, October 5th from 12:00pm to 12:45pm at our Shaler location, click here to sign up.