The Summer Slow Down


As summer approaches and our schedules get less full, we have more time to enjoy the beautiful weather and fun activities that come with it.  There’s something about this time of year where we can slow down and really enjoy life.  And it’s always a good idea to stay mindful of our habits and to create new ones along the way.  While we usually use this time to get into a new book, enjoy the beach, or just relax outside, it’s also a great time to add some yoga and meditation to your daily routine for many reasons. 

To start, it will help you truly savor the moments of summer that you might normally overlook.  The way the grass feels on your bare feet, the smell of the salty beach air, or even the sweet taste of watermelon.  Secondly, you’ll start to notice your self-confidence increasing in situations where you used to feel less confident, because you become capable of doing things you never thought you could before (like sticking to a yoga routine or doing a certain stretch!).  Another benefit is that you may start to crave a good yoga and meditation class rather in place of a sweet treat.  Many people report that the feeling they get from finishing a session is just as enjoyable as the good feeling they get after rewarding themselves with a treat, and this one is calorie free! Lastly, adding a new yoga and meditation routine may help your life perspective change for the better.  You can really start to slow down and see the things that really matter and take the time to appreciate them fully and presently.

If you’re looking to add a new yoga or mediation class to your summer routine, we have many options to choose from this summer.  Check out our class schedule to see what fits your times/needs best.  We are also partnering with Venture Outdoors on Saturday, July 28th for a fun nature hike at North Park, followed by an hour long meditative yoga session with Abby Ritter!  Register for the North Park Hike and Yoga here.